IMG 3667Nothing like ringing in the New Year with a few new scrapes and bruises…  Our little beauty is looking a wee bit rough today after yesterday’s park incident and it’s 100% mommy’s fault…  We were having a wonderful time on the baby swings when Miss G asked to move over to the toddler swings (they have a back support, but the front is open).  Against my better judgement, I put her on one.  She was swinging just a tiny bit and I was right there in front of her just in case.  Everything was fine.  And then she decided to fling herself forwards out of the swing just as she was swinging away from me. Sadly, there was no catching her.  She landed with a ‘thud’ in a full on bellyflop in the sand.  There was sand in her nose, mouth, and pressed onto forehead and nose.  And apparently sand is not at all cushiony  – she’s got the scrapes to prove it.  Poor little doodle.  We’ll stick to the baby swings for just a little longer, little one.

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