Christmas in January

This afternoon we all got together at Grandma Sue’s house to celebrate a belated Christmas together as a family.  It was the picture perfect day for it too…  The weather was crisp and giant snowflakes filled the sky and covered the ground.  Mom had saved her Christmas tree and the house was still decorated for the occasion. Here are a few shots of Grae’s second Christmas this year…

IMG 4180Christmas dinner complete with homemade perogies!

IMG 4187Grae had a little help polishing off her desert.

IMG 4198Grandma Sure and her grand babies.

IMG 4198  Version 2Notice how Miss G is the only one not loving the pre-present photo session?  I blame it on a bedtime drawing near…

IMG 4209Gracen opening her very special (and very large) gift just from Uncle Gary.

IMG 4221I wonder what it could be…  Keep unwrapping, Grae.

IMG 4222Wow!  Her very own wooden art easel!  I can already see many finger painting sessions in this little artist’s future.  Spoiled girl.

IMG 4231After opening her easel (and many other gifts she was spoiled with), she moved on to helping Papa with his.

IMG 4237After a wonderful day spent with family celebrating Christmas, this little lady was ready for bed.  We tucked her in, and once her cousins were all down for the night, Bradley, Gary, Roz, and I met up with some friends and went out for the evening to celebrate Roz’s birthday.  Grandma Sue had generously offered to stay home with all 4 munchkins while we enjoyed a night on the town.  It was the first time Bradley and I had been out together since having Gracen, so we were a little nervous about how the night would go, but everything went great.  When we tiptoed into the house at midnight, everyone was sound asleep and Grandma Sue hadn’t heard a peep.

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