IMG 5350Today we spent our afternoon doing a bunch of little art projects for Valentine’s Day.

IMG 5363Gracen happily drew a “picture” on the back of each of her little friends’ cards.

IMG 5375All we have to do tomorrow is attach the heart-shaped crayons we made yesterday, and they’ll be done!

IMG 5344Our next project involved punching out hundreds of little paint chip hearts…  Technically Grae wasn’t the one doing the punching, but she was a great assistant.

IMG 5370Her real job was getting each little heart into this container for safe keeping.  Of course this job was right up her alley because it involved transferring objects from one place to another. Little weirdo.

IMG 5372And while all those paper hearts kept Miss G busy, I worked on some Valentine’s Day hair clips for Grae and her little cousin, Kinslee.

IMG 5387Our last project of the afternoon involved a wax / watercolour resist.  First, Gracen scribbled all over white card stock with white crayons…

IMG 5395Then we cut out a bunch of hearts, taped them down to some plastic, and painted them using homemade watercolours.

IMG 5407It took a minute for Grae to really get into the painting part (at first she was squeezing and shaking the paint out of the brush), but once she got the idea, she went for it.

IMG 5409Tada!  Another masterpiece by Miss G. :)  We’ll let them dry overnight and tomorrow she’ll hang them up on her bedroom door.  And just in time.  Only 3 days left!

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