Valentine’s Day with Miss Grae

IMG 5569

Gracen and I had a jammed-packed fun-filled Valentine’s Day today and it all started out like this.

IMG 5576

With heart-shaped pancakes, strawberry slices, and fresh whipped cream.  Gracen was in heaven.

IMG 5577

After breakfast, Grae opened her little Valentine’s Day bag from Bradley and I.

IMG 5582

Inside she found a new photo book called Gracen Loves

IMG 5587

A pretty little shirt (that she helped pick out last week)…

IMG 5592

And a new set of felt hair clips made with love by Mama.

IMG 5624

With the help of her Papa, she got dressed and ready for the day while I zipped around the house doing a few last minute things for the tea.

IMG 5651

This morning when she woke up Papa for breakfast, she marched into the bedroom and proudly presented Bradley with this card she made. (From the bottom of my heart…)

IMG 5647

(To the tips of my toes… I love YOU!)

IMG 5601

And before he left for work, Grae snuggled in closely and they danced around the living room for a few minutes. ♥

IMG 5607

Before her guests arrived, Gracen tested out the mess-free finger paint station we set up on the front window.

IMG 5707

After a wonderfully busy (and slightly crazy) Valentine’s tea (separate post to come) and a much needed nap, Grae had an afternoon snack of strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

IMG 5720

And then we headed to the park to get some fresh air and enjoy the day’s last hour of sunshine.

IMG 5730

When we got home, my sous chef and I started working on dinner.

IMG 5733

This little lady loves helping in the kitchen.  Not to mention that having her cook with me has solved our recent  “witching hour” dinner making disasters.

IMG 5741

For Mama and Grae – chicken, sundried tomato, roasted garlic, and feta pizza.  (I’m embarrassed to say that Grae ate 5 – yes, FIVE – mini heart-shaped pizzas at her little party today and I had already planned pizza for dinner too.  BIG helping of steamed green veggies needed on the side!)

IMG 5744

And for Papa – prosciutto and caramelized onion pizza.

IMG 5750

And if we hadn’t overdone the heart thing yet, heart-shaped bananas for dessert.

Overall, a wonderful day with my little valentine.  ♥

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