Finger Paint Fun

Today was a freezing cold, wet, windy day in Vancouver.  It was miserable, really.  But it couldn’t have been more perfect.  Gracen and I had a wonderful day.  We stayed in our pajamas until afternoon, played games and acted silly, read book after book, ate a delicious lunch, and got messy with some serious finger painting action. I don’t know what’s taken so long…  We’ve painted her hands and feet and stamped them, we painted with brushes, we’ve done mess-free finger painting in zip-close bags, but we’ve never done full-on finger painting.  My poor girl’s 18 months old and she’s never finger painted before!  Bad mommy.  So today we got started.  And Grae loved it.

IMG 7515Ready and waiting.

IMG 7528Cautious in the beginning.

IMG 7534Getting into it.

IMG 7538Woohoo!  This is fun!

IMG 7537Amidst a masterpiece.

IMG 7542Tie-dyed hands.

IMG 7550Le pièce de résistance.

IMG 7562So proud.  (It turned out so beautifully that we headed out to Ikea to pick out a frame for it.  There’s something special about having your little one’s artwork up on the walls…)

IMG 7569I told Grae she could choose its spot and showed her several potential places on her bedroom walls, but she simply shook her head at each suggestion.  She took the frame from my hands and placed it on top of her little shelf where she insists on keeping all three of her other frames (I’ve tried moving one to a new location while she’s in another room on several occasions, but I always come back to all three back on the shelf).

I see much more finger painting in our future…

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