Silly Sticker Girl

IMG 7694Grae found this scrap piece of paper on the table this morning and immediately swiped it.  She got the stickers our mail lady had given her yesterday, plopped her nearly-naked self down on the floor, and got to work.

(Don’t ask about the outfit…  Panties, socks, and a hat seem to be the only necessary clothing items nowadays.  This look is also often paired with just one purple sneaker or pink gumboot.  And don’t you dare offer to help her put on the other one. She certainly doesn’t want that.)

IMG 7696Peeling and sticking stickers is serious business and this was the first time Grae was really able to do it all by herself.

IMG 7748The second her last sticker hit the paper, she jumped up, ran to her room paper in hand, and held it up to the wall above her pillows.  I asked if she wanted me to stick it up in that spot and she nodded her head with utmost certainty.  I have a feeling that framing Monday’s finger paint project has given her the idea that all artwork immediately gets plastered to her walls.

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