Glittered Easter Eggs

I chickened out.  I bought styrofoam eggs for decorating rather than real ones.  *cringe*

But here’s the thing…  Poking holes in shells and blowing the contents out of eggs is difficult and time-consuming work.  Then giving those fragile egg shells to an excitable toddler?  Well that’s just asking for them (and all your hard work) to be crushed.  …And hard boiling eggs and then leaving them out at room temperature for the weekend so that they become smelly little balls of bacteria?  Yuck.  So fake eggs it is this year.  Ugh.  Note to self:  Must come up with a better plan for next year.

IMG 9638Of course, Gracen didn’t mind in the least.  She was just as pleased with styrofoam craft eggs as she would have been with the real thing.

IMG 9642Instead of my usual wax resist dyed eggs, this year I opted to try something different {and slightly risqué when your partner in crime is an enthusiastic one year old}…  Glittered eggs!  Grae was up for the challenge and applied glue to the eggs like an old pro.

IMG 9647Shaking on the glitter was fun, but at least half of it got on the blanket and Grae rather than the egg…  Not to mention that it took f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

IMG 9660So we opted to try out a different method!  We started by dumping out our glittered into bowls…

IMG 9650Then plopped the gluey eggs into the glitter bath and gently rolled them around.  This was definitely the way to go.  Quick and efficient.  Just the way I like things.

IMG 9668The eggs definitely didn’t turn out perfectly and we had a bit of a glittery, gluey disaster on our hands afterwards, but it was fun.

IMG 9670Pretty!

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