Easter Saturday

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Easter Saturday.  The weather was gorgeous and Grae and I took full advantage of it by spending the majority of the day outside.  We spent the morning at a really fun Easter egg hunt and carnival, and the afternoon at our favourite outdoor spot – Kits Beach.  Here’s our day in photos…

IMG 9681Getting ready for the ‘3 and under’ egg hunt.

IMG 9684Basket in hand and ready to search!

IMG 9688Waiting patiently…

IMG 9693Go!

IMG 9695Like an old pro…

IMG 9697Found another one!

IMG 9704Checking out the loot.

IMG 9708Grae’s first ever face painting experience.

IMG 9711Gracen, the bunny.

IMG 9713Ring “tossing”.

IMG 9716Bouncy castle!

IMG 9737Playground time.

IMG 9744Bunny-eared baby.

IMG 9748Admiring her findings once again after a nap.

IMG 9757Beach time!

IMG 9761Sand box fun.

IMG 9773Collecting.

IMG 9776Beach-loving baby.

IMG 9791‘Can we collect seaweed too, Mama?’

IMG 9792Telling me that she wants to kiss the dog passing by.

IMG 9799So lucky to live where we do.

On a side note, can you believe that the little dress Grae wore today is last year’s Easter dress?!  When I originally found it, I thought KD 15 (nearly $60 at the time) was a little pricey, but I ended up going back to get it a few weeks later after not being able to stop thinking about how beautiful it was.  I’m so glad I did because she’s been wearing it for a full year now and will probably be able to wear it several more times this spring.  Also, you can check out Grae’s first ever Easter egg hunt at seven months old  here.

Happy Easter Saturday! 

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