Our Easter Sunday

I don’t think we could have asked for a better Easter Sunday.  For starters, Bradley had the day off work and the weatherman was wrong in the way you always hope he’ll be wrong…  Despite the forecast for clouds and rain, the day was sun-filled and warm, which meant a healthy dose of fresh air and vitamin D for our little family.

IMG 9812Our day started with Gracen waking up to all sorts of goodies from the Easter Bunny.  She carefully went through her basket, spending a little time with each item before moving on to the next…

IMG 9815Inside, she found several books…

IMG 9819An egg shaker…

IMG 9824A new sunhat to fit that ever-growing Kossowan head of hers…

IMG 9838A beautiful new dress…

IMG 9842A button-up perfect for spring… (Plus new stamps and ink pads, stickers, cookie cutters, bunny ears, a baseball cap, a summer dress, and more!)

IMG 9843After enjoying all of the Easter Bunny’s treats, it was onto opening her gifts sent down by Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa Dave.

IMG 9849Again, she opened each item carefully, pausing to investigate them before moving on.  She especially loved her new wooden caterpillar puzzle.

IMG 9856Grae kept busy by strategically placing her new stickers all over herself (and the house) while we prepared Easter brunch.

IMG 9860Soon after, Uncle Brett arrived and we all sat down to eat.

IMG 9863With brunch cleaned up, it was time to pull out some of her new goodies!  This little lady is all about stamping right now.

IMG 9866When she’d had plenty of stamping, we put on her pretty new dress, got her egg collecting basket, and headed into the back yard.

IMG 9873Some spots were a little tricky…

IMG 9891And some were not.

IMG 9897Either way, she collected those eggs like it was her job!

IMG 9908And when she had found most of the ones out back, we headed out to the front yard to see if there were more there…

IMG 9914Team Ogasawara was there to give pointers, just in case.

IMG 9924And then it was off to find the really tricky ones.  Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up into the air!

IMG 9927Problem solved with the help of a shoulder ride!

IMG 9936When we sat down to take a closer look at Grae’s findings, we realized she had collected a new little friend in addition to her eggs.

IMG 9934A little wet slug!

IMG 9941Grae patiently opened each egg and placed the treats into her bucket.

IMG 9945Opening eggs is tough work.

IMG 9960Inside, she found all of her favourite treats – all sorts of nuts, raisins, freeze-dried berries, banana chips, and fruit leather strips.  She was thrilled.

{Yup, this one’s especially for you, Gar and Mikey.  Go on and make fun. At this point, I may as well participate in the daily ‘make fun of Jen and her parenting choices’ sessions…  It’s more fun that way, right?}

IMG 9973Out front, she picked out her first treat and sat down to enjoy it.

IMG 9989Of course she shared a little with Unky Brett.

IMG 9992And then it was off to do a little exploring…

IMG 9999One of the other things Grae found in some of her eggs were these very weird little mystery Easter pills.  We brought out a bowl of warm water, popped them in, and waited…

IMG 0015Some waited more patiently than others…  Uncle Brett just couldn’t stand the suspense any longer, and helped the surprise arrive in a more timely fashion.

IMG 0017Easter-shaped sponges – woooooooooow!

IMG 0029We spent the rest of the morning outside and only went in when it was time for Miss G’s nap.

IMG 0034When Grae woke, the three of us headed down to Stanley Park to partake in more Easter festivities.

IMG 0036And guess who was there!  The Easter Bunny himself, that’s who!

IMG 0042It’s a good thing our little doodlebug is a collecting machine, because she participated in yet another egg hunt.

IMG 0064The only problem was that the baskets were so small that her eggs kept spilling out when she’d bend down to retrieve more.

IMG 0052Not sure what it is about these things, but I just can’t seem to pass them up.

IMG 0067And with that, we boarded the Stanley Park miniature train.

IMG 0076We rode around, watching closely for animals and Easter eggs – both of which, Miss G pointed out plenty of.

IMG 0100On the way into the park, I had spied a little organic popcorn station hosted by Whole Foods, so after our train tour, we stopped in a grabbed a bag as a treat.

IMG 0103Gracen was all over it and kept saying, “Moore. Moore!” the way she does in her little accent.

IMG 0115We stopped and played at this crowded playground for a bit before heading down the hill.

IMG 0123Grae found herself a flower patch that kept her entertained for a while…

IMG 0149And when she had exhausted herself with flower picking, she bounced on Papa’s tummy instead.

IMG 0178With it nearing dinnertime, we headed back up to the hill to our car.

IMG 0166The best ending to a busy, fun-filled day?  Deciding that stopping at Cactus Club for dinner is the way to go.  Yay for a night off from cooking!

For a little trip down memory lane, you can see how we celebrated Gracen’s first real Easter here and see how we spent last year’s Easter Sunday here.

Happy Easter from the Kossowaras! 

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