Thank Goodness

Ugh. What a day.  It’s never a good sign when you fly out of your house, race down to the highway, and suddenly find yourself in gridlocked traffic, crawling so slowly that the speedometer remains at zero, with no end in sight.  And that was just the beginning of my morning.  By the time things got moving, it was already ten minutes until the time I wanted arrive at the school I was subbing at in Surrey, and I was still only a few kilometres from our house.  Needless to say, I was a little panicked.  I hate being anything less than 35 minutes early when I’m subbing. (There’s nothing worse than walking into a random classroom full of expectant students, unknown routines, and never-seen assignments without having time to devise a game plan for the day.)  Well imagine my surprise when I race up to what was supposed to be my destination, only to realize that, in fact, it was not.  I may have cussed out Google Maps right then and there.  It’s now ten after eight, the warning bell rings in 25 minutes, and my phone Map app is now telling me that I’m 18 minutes away.  I wanted to scream.  Desperate, I put in an SOS call to Brad’s cell, and there’s no answer.  You’d think I’d know my own house number for moments just like these, but ridiculously, I do not.  What are you going to do?  As I aimlessly race around Surrey side streets in search of school signs {blinded by the insane sunshine no less}, I madly scroll through my recent calls in search of my phone number.  Jackpot!  Found it.  Bradley picks up.  Desperate, I bark, “Hi babe.  I need your help!”  And then just like that, he’s gone.  My phone is powering down (this has been a problem recently – my phone just decides to shut down – and at the most inopportune times might I add).  Sweet Jesus.  So now I’m left, lost on some side road in Surrey, without an address, phone, or GPS.  FML.  The kicker?  It wasn’t Brad I called.  It was my father-in-law up in the Okanagan.  And with my insane plea for help and subsequent disappearance, he’s now worried.  (Of course, I had no idea.  I didn’t find any of this out until I had happily taught half of the day away in a classroom full of the most lovely grade seven students I’ve ever met.)  So after several failed attempts to get ahold of Bradley, he wakes Brad’s brother (who also lives in Vancouver) and sends him over to our house to investigate. DI.SAS.TER.  All caused by me and a slip of my finger.

Of course, he walked into our house to find out that everything was fine.  I had eventually made it to my school, Gracen was busy playing, and Bradley was cleaning the house.  False alarm.

All I have to say is that on days like today, it’s a good thing I get to come home to this happy little bean.

IMG 1015David Gray’s Greatest Hits and the generous glass of red wine I’m currently consuming helps too.

2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness

  1. Oh my! While thoroughly entertaining for ME, I can imagine that this was a terrible terrible day for you. I hesitate when I think of Phil’s number, and heaven forbid I know any other ones by heart. It’s amazing how much people rely on their phones now, I remember knowing at least a dozen important numbers by heart as a kid, and now I have to scroll through my phone to find my GP’s number for a form!

  2. Oh well, it wasn’t all that funny in the moment, but the whole fiasco is funny now! And you’re right – it’s terrible how much I rely on my phone now… I’m lucky that I even remember Brad’s cell number! :)

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