Earth Day Festival in Everett Crowley Park

This morning Miss G and I ventured just a little ways down Marine Drive to a spot we’ve never been before…  Everett Crowley Park.  Once a landfill, the park is now a huge green space filled with trees, trails, and wildlife – the perfect spot for an annual Earth Day festival.

IMG 1022We arrived fairly early on, meaning that Gracen had her pick of equipment to test out and play with.

IMG 1025We really didn’t know how to properly use this little contraption, but all that mattered to Grae was that it was purple, sparkly, and perfect for swinging around.

IMG 1038After enjoying the toys, we joined the mass and lined up to create some outdoor art.  First job – collecting a stash of pretty rocks, glass stones, and shells.

IMG 1031Gracen would have been perfectly happy if playing with her pretty rocks was the activity in itself.

IMG 1043But there was more…  We were waiting on some cement mix.

IMG 1044When it arrived, she carefully transferred  her gems into the mix, giving each a gentle poke in order to set them in.

IMG 1054With her project finished and in the drying area, we headed off to the face painting station.  Earlier on, Grae had seen a little girl with a sparkly butterfly mask painted on her face, and she was certain she wanted one too.  The line was painfully slow moving, but we used our time in it as a lunch break and made some friends along the way.

IMG 1057Before we knew it, it was Gracen’s turn.

IMG 1059She sat bravely and patiently, inspecting the artist as she painted.

IMG 1071When it came time to painting the black outline, Grae decided she was done and wanted nothing more to do with the whole process.  Luckily, the painter had a trick up her sleeves – sparkles!

IMG 1075So with the promise of sparkles being added at the end, Miss G sat a minute longer.

IMG 1077And she was glad she did.  You should have seen the proud little look on her face when she saw herself in the mirror!

IMG 1081Face painting complete, my little butterfly and I headed back to collect her {almost} dry garden rock.

IMG 1088Pleased as punch, she insisted on walking herself out of the park and carrying her cement block the entire way.  I’d say it was a good day.

2 thoughts on “Earth Day Festival in Everett Crowley Park

  1. Oh my! I would have that second-to-last photo framed. What a beautiful day, the garden rock is a great idea for a craft! If only my littlest one wouldn’t smush cement mix everywhere…

  2. It was a really wonderful day. We’re very lucky to live somewhere that has so many great family events! After four years overseas, I try not to take that for granted.

    I was a little worried about the cement mix too, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that she only ended up with a little on her fingers by the end. I might be crazy, but I’ve already been thinking about what other cool things we could make with some cement mix this summer! :)

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