Earth Day Parade and Festival

This morning Grae and I ventured out for some more Earth Day fun, but this time in Grandview Park, just off of Commercial Drive.  Our day was filled with playground fun, parade watching, live music, speeches, sunshine, and fresh air.IMG 1091IMG 1093IMG 1094IMG 1097IMG 1100IMG 1102IMG 1109

2 thoughts on “Earth Day Parade and Festival

  1. Just adorable! I love her little pigtails, I remember when my girls had hair that was too short and fine for ponytails, those little elastic were the greatest thing if you could convince them to stay still for long enough!

  2. I love the little pigtails too! I must admit, I’m very lucky – most of the time Gracen brings me the elastics, asks me to put them in her hair, and sits patiently while I do it. Knock on wood it stays that way! :)

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