Kerrisdale Carnival Days

This morning we headed down to Kerrisdale for their annual Carnival Days.  Not going to lie – what was supposed to be a fun, low-key morning turned out a little rough.  On top of Grae waking up at 5:00 a.m. in a freezing cold room due to her window accidentally being left open overnight (parenting fail) and running very late (such is the case when 4 people are trying to get ready and get out the door in a teeny tiny one bathroom house), I was grumpy, Brad was grumpy, and Gracen was grumpy.  Poor Grandma Charlotte was the only one in a good mood and she was stuck with us 3 crab trees.

Either way, Gracen enjoyed the parade.  She plunked herself down on the street to watch the tame parts (like baseball teams walking by) and then jumped in someone’s arms when horses or a loud band marched past.IMG 1428IMG 1430IMG 1432IMG 1435IMG 1446IMG 1448

The good news is that our day, which got off to a rocky start, got better after some lunch and a nap…  It’s amazing what some good food and rest can do.

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