Out for Papa’s Birthday Dinner

Tonight we headed out with Grandma Charlotte and Uncle Brett for an early birthday dinner for Bradley (he’s celebrating a big one in just a couple of days).  He decided upon a restaurant not too far from our house, called Burgoo.  We’d tried to eat there a little while back, but with a half hour wait and an antsy, hungry munchkin in tow, it just wast our night.  So this time we planned ahead…  Although they don’t take reservations on weekends, we arrived early, put our name on the list, and took a little stroll down Main Street.  And let me tell you – it was worth waiting for!  In fact, it was so good, that if you live in Vancouver, live near Vancouver, or ever visit Vancouver, you need to visit this joint.  With a cozy, rustic atmosphere, friendly servers, and an amazing menu filled with delicious comfort foods, you’ll be planning your next dinner out as you’re walking out the door.  Here are a few {poor quality} photos from our dinner out…

IMG 1459Papa and his little lady.

IMG 1460Manmaw, Papa, and Grae.

IMG 1465Uncle Brett and Grandma Charlotte.

IMG 1462Miss G enjoying the most delicious-looking Gooey Cheese Griller  and Sunset Corn and Chicken Soup.

Happy {almost} birthday to Bradley (a.k.a. Papa).

2 thoughts on “Out for Papa’s Birthday Dinner

  1. So sweet! It’s always a challenge to eat out, last time we did it was for our anniversary and we had to get up and walk the kids around the restaurant (to the bathroom and back) twice to keep them in their seats!

    1. It is! But it’s so nice to have a night off cooking once and a while too!

      We were very lucky this time around… We got a corner booth, so our little one was able to spread out and play with her car and draw while we waited, and then we transferred her over to the highchair when our food arrived. :)

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