IMG 3066This little girl never ceases to amaze me.  This morning, she chose to wear red glittered Dorothy shoes, but after having them on for a minute, we realized that they, like many of her other shoes, are now too small (sad day).  I asked her to go to the closet and pick out another pair, and this is what she came back with…  Of all pairs, Mama’s red ballet flats.

I guess she was set on having a splash of  red with her cream and navy dress today.  Good call, Grae.  Good call.

One thought on “Set on Red

  1. I hate when they outgrow awesome shoes. Kira had little sliver ballet flats that were too small, so I cut the straps off, and then she outgrew them again a couple of months later. They were soooo pretty. Sigh.

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