An Itty Bitty Bob

Gracen doesn’t have a ton of hair (possibly part of the reason why she’s mistaken for a boy so often).  But in the last few weeks, she’s grown some wildly long wispy hairs at the front, and her mullet has become even more mullet-y.  It was time for a trim.  Since we had such a good experience with Gracen’s first ever haircut, we headed back down to Melonhead on Broadway this morning.  We snuck in without an appointment, and although we had a different stylist this time around, she was every bit as lovely, quick, and gentle as the one we had last time.  In the comfort of her pink covetable, Gracen pretty much sat perfectly still the entire time and just let the stylist do her thing.  I love this place.  I’ve been witness to many crying, wiggling kids {with moms frantically trying to bribe them into sitting still with juice boxes and fruit snacks} in regular hair salons, and without a word of exaggeration, every child having their hair cut this morning was happily sitting still, enjoying their visit.

Here are some photos of my little lady before, during, and after her second ever haircut…

IMG 3068IMG 3069IMG 3070IMG 3072IMG 3082

IMG 3085

IMG 3095

IMG 3107

She left the salon with the sweetest little bob I’ve ever seen, an inverted pony, and a teeny tiny clip.

Melt my Mama heart.

7 thoughts on “An Itty Bitty Bob

    1. I love it too! I only wish she didn’t have a giant bruise on her cheek. Poor thing had a little run in with the baby gate on Mother’s Day and it’s taking its time going away. :(

      1. Kira had a bump on her forehead for most of 2011, I put off Christmas pictures until it healed and MAGICALLY Ally got a lump on her forehead that very day. Yay, pictures…

  1. I wish I knew what a baby with only a little hair felt like… Both my boys had hair cuts before they were 6 months old…

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