Today was just one of those days…  Despite her usual 12 hour nighttime sleep and usual 2 hour midday nap, Gracen was out of sorts. Unfortunately, we had a beach play date planned for the day, and not even that cured it.  Being little miss routine, she wanted the morning to go as it always does when we visit the beach (playground, walk, optional hot drink, beach play) and that’s just not how it happened today.  Grae’s little friend was actually getting over a sickness and she wasn’t quite her usual self either.  Not going to lie…  It wasn’t a great combination.  Luckily, we did manage to have many good moments too.

IMG 3130IMG 3138IMG 3140IMG 3143But after a long day, I must say that I’m perfectly happy having the evening to clean my house, work on some Littlest Lulu orders, and unwind while my wee one peacefully sleeps the night away (and hopefully the grumpiness off).  Days like today sure make me appreciate the “easy” days with my happy-go-lucky little lady. Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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