A Granville Island Playdate

Let me tell you, it’s not easy coordinating the schedules of 5 busy mamas, 3 on-the-go toddlers, and 2 adorably smushy babies. But we finally did it. And on a gorgeous day no less. Gracen and I met up with several of my good friends and their munchkins at Granville Island this morning and it was wonderful.

Grae and I arrived early, grabbed our usual Terra Breads treat (her) and coffee (me), and headed outside to visit with the birds.  I don’t know if it’s because of the increased traffic or not, but since the weather’s picked up and the island’s been busier, the seagull situation has been much better than this winter when the bird incident happened.  In fact, they were so scarce today that we took out a little bag of bird seed I had tucked away and Grae fed the pigeons.  It was the first time she’d fed birds and she was beyond excited about it.  She’d shove her little hand into the bag and slowly pull out a fist stuffed full of seed.  Food in hand, she’d carefully walk to an open area, crouch down, release the seeds, and purposefully brush her hands against one another, ridding her palms of the extras.  Then she’d take a few steps back, wait anxiously, and when the pigeons would start feasting on the meal she’d provided, she’d proudly run back to me shouting, “Bird!  Eat, eat, eat! More! More!”IMG 3570IMG 3574IMG 3576IMG 3588

Once our friends arrived, it was off for a little stroll along the seawall.  We made our way to the playground where the “big kids” had a blast getting filthy and soaking wet in the sand area.  Gracen went down the slide on repeat and playtime ended with all 3 toddlers smushed together on the saucer swing.  Adorableness at its best.IMG 3591

IMG 3596IMG 3595IMG 3598IMG 3604IMG 3605IMG 3610Gracen loved the fact that they were setting up for the upcoming Children’s Festival…  Especially because it meant serious chats with a bookworm and a fist-clenching ride on a pirate ship.IMG 3616IMG 3621

After a picnic lunch under the shade of a tree and a little more playtime, it was time to head home.  There’s really nothing like a day filled with friends, fresh air, and sunshine…IMG 3625IMG 3627

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  1. My husband and I went to Granville Island on a trip to BC seven years ago and thought it was wonderful. I had the best black bean soup of my life there, and loved the stained glass and handicrafts. It looks like you, Gracen and your friends had a great day, too!

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