iPhoneography // Breakfast

BreakfastWithout thinking, I put some apple slices and grapes on Gracen’s plate next to her hot cereal this morning.  Harmless, right?  Well, the moment I set it down in front of her, she started jamming the two together while announcing, “Apple – car!  Apple – car!  Apple – car, pleasche, Mamaaaaa!”  I should’ve known…  They are one of her all-time favourite snacks after all.  So out came a piece of spaghetti, and in no time the little lady had a fleet of cars to zoom around her plate.  Of course, she drove each one for a few seconds and then promptly disassembled them.  Then it was on to feeding Num (a.k.a. a tiny Hello Kitty figurine that she carries around everywhere).  Breakfast as usual with our little monkey.

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