Grassheads: Hairstyle Edition

A couple of months ago, on a very rainy Vancouver day, we had a little family crafternoon and put together Gracen’s first ever grassheads.  Ever since, they’ve been sitting atop their mason jars on our kitchen window sill, soaking up the sunshine and drinking up loads of water.  Of course, our little magic girl’s grasshead has grown far better than Mama’s or Papa’s.IMG 4178

This is what it looked like this morning…
IMG 4182About time for a hairdo of some sort, I’d say.  So while Gracen napped, I set up a little play invitation for her. I gathered up some hair goodies, a couple of elastics, and an old hairbrush and set them all out on her table along with her grasshead.IMG 4183

This was her reaction when she saw what I’d set out for her…  Kisses for the grasshead!  Apparently she liked what she saw.
IMG 4187She wasted no time getting started.  She climbed up on the chair, and got busy trying to put the clips in. It wasn’t easy, but with a little bit of help, she put every single clip in the grasshead’s hair.IMG 4192

Next up was the headband.  
IMG 4200That is, until she decided she’d wear it instead!IMG 4205

Done with the first hairstyle! Future hairstylist?  I’d say so.
IMG 4217Afterwards, I helped her make little grass pigtails.  She thought it was completely hilarious and kept stroking her own pigtails and then pointing to those belonging to the grasshead.IMG 4219

Overall, Gracen loved this activity.  My only wish is that I had taught her how to properly use scissors by now so that the grasshead could have gotten a little trim!   I guess we have something new to work on. ☺

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