Construction Sensory Bin

After our grasshead hairstyling session this afternoon, we headed out into the warmth of our solarium to explore something else I had set up during nap time…  A new sensory bin! Truthfully, I wanted to create a construction sensory bin, but didn’t really have the materials I needed.  I improvised and included some ‘building cups’, a shovel, a rake, a pumpkin scraper, and the one and only actual construction thing I could find – a little front loader. Of course, Gracen didn’t mind a bit that there wasn’t the variety of construction vehicles, workers, and signs that Mama had wanted.  She got busy taking apart the towers, rebuilding them, scooping up pebbles, dumping them, and driving her little front loader up and down the rock hill.  She did of course get into the bin and even tried laying down and rolling around in the pebbles this time around… Silly girl!

IMG 4220

IMG 4228

IMG 4232

IMG 4236

IMG 4235

IMG 4240

IMG 4245

Tower building

IMG 4261

IMG 4273

Pebble play

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