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Today Gracen and I visited one of the places that has long been on my ‘rainy day to do list’…  And while it wasn’t actually raining, it was one of those dreary, chilly days that makes you crave a good cup of coffee in the warmth of a quietly busy cafe. We headed down Fraser Street in search of The Outpost Cafe, and after circling the block twice and driving past three times, I finally noticed the shop nestled in a small string of semi-deserted-looking businesses. I’d heard all kinds of good things about the delicious coffee, homemade food, and open-to-the-public and child-friendly ‘staffroom’, and despite its very modest storefront, it did not disappoint.  My latte was perfectly satisfying and the separate munchkin-centred room was exactly what all coffee shops need in order to allow caffeine-craving mamas a few minutes to enjoy their fix.  I sipped my latte leisurely while Grae gobbled up her Larabar (she spilt her entire steamed milk not a moment after purchasing it) and moved on to investigating each and every toy the room had to offer.  And on top of all the fun things left out to explore, the room hosts a giant blackboard wall {along with several buckets of colourful chalk} just waiting to be drawn upon.

IMG 4287IMG 4291IMG 4305IMG 4297IMG 4296
IMG 4298Chalkboard wallIMG 4304Gracen had an absolute blast and I had what was one of my most peaceful cups of coffee I’ve had since Gracen arrived in this world 21 months ago.  Here’s to another rainy day escape being added to our repertoire.

5 thoughts on “The Outpost Cafe

  1. We have a cycling themed coffee shop called “Domestique” in my town, and it’s been a lifesaver. The kids can play, I can have a decent cup of coffee and there are treats for everyone. Having a family-friendly cafe makes for happy kids and a happy mama.

  2. Wow…that sounds amazing! And you’re right – these coffee shops DO make for happy kids and happy mamas. There needs to be more of them around. :)

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