Small Style {4}

I received a question from a reader this past week, and thought I’d share:

I’m pretty sure you mentioned that your daughter picks out her own clothes in a previous post.  How do her outfits still end up looking cute?  When I let my daughter choose her clothes, she just looks ridiculous.   Any tips?

Well I’m certainly no expert, but here’s what works for us…  I usually start by having Gracen pick out any one item she wants to wear, whether it be a top, a skirt, a dress, or pants.  Once she’s chosen her item, I normally pick out a few different options that coordinate with her item and complete the outfit (so if she’s chosen a top, I’ll lay out a few coordinating bottoms, or if she’s chosen a dress, I’ll lay out a couple of pairs of tights that go).  She gets to choose the next part of her outfit, but from my selections.  We do the same with sweaters, hair accessories, shoes, etc. until the outfit is complete. On days when I want her to wear something more specific (like a pretty dress for a special occasion let’s say), I pull out 3 or 4 completed outfits, hang them on her crib railing, and have her choose from there instead of starting with free reign in her closet. It definitely takes a little more time than me just picking out her outfits, but I think it’s important to let her make age-appropriate decisions and she really enjoys it, so for us, it’s worth the extra couple of minutes.  And since the end result is something that at least “goes” and is weather-appropriate, there’s really no downside. ☺

I hope I answered that alright…  Anyways, onto this week’s Small Style post. Gone are the sundresses, shorts, and rompers…  As Gracen’s outfits clearly show, it’s been a crisp, rainy week here on the coast.  

IMG 3839Crocheted hat: Made by a friend’s mom / Black cardigan: H&M (boys’ section) / Pink tee: Next / Cheetah print leggings: Joe / Gumboots: SportTekIMG 3986

Crocheted hat: Made by a friend’s mom / Ruffled top: Joe / Striped skirt: Joe / Brown tights: H&M / Glittered flats: Payless
IMG 3996

Crocheted hat: Made by a friend’s mom / Ballet sweater: Baby Gap / Ruffled top: Joe / Ruffled skirt: Baby Gap / Tights: H&M / Glittered flats: Payless

IMG 4047

Plaid button-up: Joe / Pink onesie: H&M / Grey skinny jeans: Joe / Fluorescent sneakers: H&M

IMG 4281Red peacoat: Baby Gap / Plaid shirt: Joe / Leggings: H&M / Boots: H&M

IMG 4139Floral sunglasses: Joe / Poodle dress: Jack & Jill / Fuchsia leggings: H&M / Ruffled flats: Jack & Jill

IMG 4157Hooded cardigan: Levi’s / Striped tee: Baby Gap / Dotted leggings: Baby Gap / Glittered flats: Payless / Cabbage Patch Doll (a.k.a. “Papa Baby”): Mama’s from when she was little

IMG 4151Belted cardigan: Joe / Striped tee: Baby Gap / Blush shorts: Baby Gap / Tights: Unknown (gifted) / Glittered flats: Payless

IMG 4337Crocheted hat: Made by a friend’s mom / Red peacoat: Baby Gap (handed down) / Black tee: H&M / Dotted leggings: Baby Gap / Boots: H&M

IMG 4362Crossover ballet sweater: Baby Gap / Sleeveless blouse: Old Navy / Coral floral skirt: Old Navy / Boots: H&M

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  1. My daughter, who turns 3 in July, insists on dressing herself most of the time. I’ve accepted that she’s going to have Punky Brewster aesthetic, and buy clothes in coordinating colours/patterns so most combos will match. She’s not nearly as pulled together as Gracen, but her choices do look cute in an exotic bug sort of way.

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