After a busy weekend with Gracen’s Grandma and Grandpa (a.k.a. ‘Manmaw’ and ‘Poppop’) here, we headed out for a relaxing afternoon at the park.  We decided to visit one of our favourites a little ways from home, and on the drive over, Gracen spotted a different playground out the window and asked to visit.  It was too late for me to jump into the lefthand turn lane, so I quickly decided we’d do both.  Why not, right?  We went to the original one as planned first, then stopped at the other one on the way home. A mini playground crawl to end our weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

IMG 4379Favourite saucer swing position. Sunnies mandatory.IMG 4387

Big girl swinging.

IMG 4389Balance.IMG 4404

“Muwahs” for Mama.
IMG 4407Cautiously crossing.IMG 4412

Space car riding.
IMG 4417Serious.IMG 4420

Recreating these photos.
IMG 4428

“Mama, Grae Grae sleeeeeep.”IMG 4401

Her first time saying, “Higher! Higher!”

7 thoughts on “Park Crawl

    1. Aw, thank you! So nice to “meet” one of my far away readers. :) Popped by your blog and your smoked paprika butter beans with veggies and pasta sounds delicious! I can’t wait to see more of what you prepare! I post my little one’s food (albeit not nearly as fancy as your creation!) once a week at Anxious to borrow some of your ideas!

  1. Those parks look great. My son would love the little cars on the spring thingie–he’s really into the ‘rockrock’ as he calls that kind of toy. Where are these parks?

    1. Hey Lisa! I meant to catch up with you last night, but gheez it was busy. So many ‘puzzle pieces’ to fit together, and so little time. Hopefully we can meet soon!

      Both of these parks are awesome. They’re actually both just off of Cambie and 49th. The first one (with the sauce swing is at Dr. Annie B. Jamieson elementary school) and the second one (with the cool little space cars is attached to the Langara YMCA). :)

      1. Yeah, I found myself wishing it had just been the 30 of us so we could have been sure to get time to meet! LOL

        I think we’ll have to go to these parks soon–they’re just a 25-30 minute bike ride away, which is perfect for me to get a little exercise

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