Gracen and I had a regular little day planned out, but when the sunshine popped out and we received an early morning text from my good friend Steph, it was off to White Rock for a morning along the ocean with friends.  We explored the beach, dipped our toes in the water, drew G’s in the sand, strolled the seawall, grabbed iced coffees, and had a picnic lunch on the grass. And one of my very favourite parts? Waving to our shadows and making them jump and dance along the beach.  Seriously – is there anything more entertaining than watching a toddler discover the wonder of shadows?  I’ve been soaking up moments just like these for the last couple of weeks and just can’t get enough.  Today she even crouched down to touch her shadow… Gosh, I love this girl to bits.
IMG 4434IMG 4438IMG 4441IMG 4445IMG 4451IMG 4453IMG 4457IMG 4462

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