Hello, Vacay!

Overall, last night’s trip was a success.  While our little lady didn’t fall asleep until 9:57 p.m. (three and a half hours past her usual bedtime!!), she happily chatted, counted, read, and practiced saying “Hello Mamnaw!” until she finally zonked out when the sun went down.  We arrived at Brad’s parents’ place around midnight and successfully put Grae back to sleep, despite the excitement of a bedroom filled with new treasures just waiting to be explored.

This morning we woke up to birds chirping and the Okanagan sunshine in full effect. Hello, vacation! Here are some photos of our day…

IMG 5413Pool filled and warming in the sunshine.

IMG 5409

Chatting with Bella.

SwinginLoving the new tire swing PopPop made.

IMG 5434Very pleased with her new bracelet.

IMG 5436

Grae’s treat of choice.

IMG 5433Home with her farmer’s market treasures.

IMG 5441

An evening walk.

Piggy backingPiggy back rides.

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