Off to the Beach

After naps for the girls and some down time for the boys, we decided to pack up the kiddos and head to a beach / park this afternoon.  We packed bathing suits just in case, but given the fact that the weather hasn’t been that warm, I figured that the water would be freezing and the kids wouldn’t want to go in.  I was wrong. While the girls stayed on the safe side and stayed pretty dry, the boys went full on swimming. Brrrr!  IMG 5916

Our crew. Minus the mommies of course. Typical situation – mamas behind the cameras.

IMG 5918Splish splash!

IMG 5922Gracen “offering” almonds to Kinslee by shoving them in her mouth.

IMG 5925Papa and his little lady.

IMG 5934Missing feet {and hands}.

IMG 5941Castle building {and crushing}.

IMG 5942Teamwork.

IMG 5952A “Papa push”, as Miss G calls it.

IMG 5959Dry and ready for some playground time.

IMG 5963Strong girl!

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