I don’t know how this happened, but somehow we’re amidst party planning Miss G’s second birthday. Good LORD.  The first year flew by, and this one has gone by even more quickly.  *sigh*

With just over a month until our little lady officially turns two, we headed out into Manmaw Charlotte and Poppop’s backyard this afternoon (yay for being back in the Okanagan!) to snap a photo for this year’s birthday invitation.

She was such a good sport and with a little help from Papa’s crazy attention-grabbing dances, we were able to get a bunch of shots I love.  Here are some of the outtakes…

IMG 7212
IMG 7193IMG 7170IMG 7143
IMG 7133IMG 7161
IMG 7224IMG 7205IMG 7230Ironically, we ended up using the afternoon’s most candid shot on the invites.  With the help of a free printable I found online, Brad designed a beautiful two-sided invite that will be perfect for her backyard picnic themed party.  (Can’t wait to share it closer to the big day!)

Although I have mixed feelings about this whole my-girl-is-growing-up-before-my-eyes thing, I’m so excited about all of the little projects planned for this week’s vacation. Invites, decor, favours – I love it all.

Perhaps a couple of sneak peaks are in order?

5 thoughts on “Outtakes

  1. Kira just had her second birthday (and party) and for the weeks leading up to it I was so emotional and tearing up all over the place. It’s hard. They DO grow up too fast. Now Ally’s turning four in less than a week and I’m crying about her now. Sigh.

      1. The party went really well! I have some pictures, I’ve just been so busy (and lazy) I’ll get around to it though…eventually…hahaha. Happy Birthday to Miss G, I know it’s coming up!

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