Goats & Grandma

This afternoon we headed into town to visit with Manmaw Sue {and Rorie and my Aunt and Uncle}. We met at  our favourite spot – Davison Orchards and Grae didn’t waste any time letting everyone know just what she wanted to do – feed the animals.  Luckily, Grandma Sue and Rorie came armed with a pocket full of quarters because I think we fed every single animal on the farm. Twice. Grae was even brave enough to feed a few of the animals on her own. 

IMG 7243

Putting those quarters to use!

IMG 7244Lulu and Manmaw.

IMG 7247Hungry goat.

IMG 7249Brave girl!

IMG 7250Feeding the sheep.

IMG 7251Sending a cup full of treats up to the top.

IMG 7254Spreading the love to Salsa, the 26 year old donkey.

IMG 7257Snacks and stickers.

The afternoon ended with a sudden thunder storm so violent that it caused Grae to break into tears, which in turn led our very sweet cashier to retrieve a big white chocolate chunk cookie for her, which in turn led me to have to {very awkwardly} explain our choice to not feed Gracen refined sugar or junk food… But that’s another story…

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