Simple Fun: Rock Painting

Every year as a child, my brother and I would spend a week or two at my Baba’s (which means grandmother in Ukranian) house a few hours from home.  My Baba, who is probably one of the most talented, creative, do-it-all women I know, always made sure we had adventures to go on, activities to do, and projects on the go. One of the things we’d always do was paint rocks.  It’s such a simple idea, but it was something I truly looked forward to each year.  

So today, I got out a couple painting projects of my own and set Grae up with a little rock painting station. 

IMG 7835First we gathered our materials… A few big rocks we found around the yard (washed and dried), some acrylic paint (kids’ washable paint works too but the designs disappear with rain), a few paint brushes, and an old towel.

IMG 7837IMG 7840IMG 7845Gracen thought it was pretty special that she had her very own painting station just like Mama.  She’d paint a rock, then move it to the edge of the towel to dry, and then paint another.  And when the tops were dry, she flipped them over and painted the bottoms.

IMG 7851Fresh out of rocks but still wanting to paint, I gave her a cement block we had lying around.

IMG 7855And after it was painted in pastels, it was time for a strawberry creamsicle break.  The verdict? She loved them so much that she asked for another.  My first instinct was to say, “Let’s have something different to eat now”, but then I reminded myself that all they are is plain organic yogurt and strawberries pureed.  So two popsicles it was.

IMG 7860IMG 7864These are our little artist’s finished pieces.

IMG 7873IMG 7877After they were completely dry, we found special little places around the yard to tuck them in.  With these little surprises hiding around the yard, maybe weeding won’t be so daunting…

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