Olympic-Inspired Painting

What do you get when you mix a Langley play date with a closet overhaul?  Olympic-inspired painting, of course!

Olympic-Inspired Painting | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Haha! I’d love to say I’m joking, but sadly, I’m not…

Admittedly, I have not watched one single bit of Olympics coverage this time around.  Until this morning, that is.  Grae and I headed out to Langley to visit my friend Steph and her little man / Gracen’s favourite hug and kiss recipient, Tate.  While we were there, Steph had the Olympics playing in the background and I remembered how much I love the Olympics (and how much I’ve been missing out on by not watching).

Fast forward to this afternoon.

Now back at home, I was attempting {for the second day in a row} to reorganize the one and only {catch all} storage closet our teeny tiny house has.  I came across the pipe insulation Pinterest told me to use as a wreath form (works terribly, by the way… my advice is to splurge and spend the extra few bucks!) and was feeling badly about just turfing it when I had an idea… We could chop it up and use the pieces as stamps!

So, long story short, with the Olympics on my mind and pipe insulation in my hand, I thought it’d be fun to have Gracen paint something reminiscent of the Olympic rings. Here’s how our project took shape…

IMG 8120

First we gathered our pipe insulation, our IKEA MALA paints (which coordinate perfectly with the Olympic ring colours), some card stock, a pair of heavy duty scissors, and a tray.

IMG 8121

Next, I chopped up the pipe insulation into pieces approximately 3 inches long.

IMG 8122

We gave our paints a good shake, squeezed out a dollop of each, and placed one insulation stamp on each paint blob.

Then my little lady set off to work on her olympic-inspired painting…

IMG 8124

IMG 8126

IMG 8129

IMG 8130

This is her first completed masterpiece.

IMG 8133

They progressively got more abstract after that…

IMG 8146

Here are her four pieces in the order she did them, starting from the top left and moving clockwise. While they certainly don’t look just like the Olympic rings, I’d say they definitely have an Olympic vibe to them, wouldn’t you?

IMG 8143

And of course, the most important part – she had fun.  Just look at that silly little face!

While I know that pipe insulation isn’t something everyone just has on hand, many other household objects could be substituted… Cannelloni noodles would work. As would paper towel or toilet paper rolls… And heck, if you’re feeling crazy, you could even chop off a little bit of the end of a pool noodle. ☺

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