Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {19}

Here’s our 19th round of Toddler Food…  Crazy!  I got a question a little while ago, and I thought I’d share.

I know that your daughter eats healthy foods, but can you share your “food philosophy” when it comes to feeding her? What do you try to avoid? Does she ever get treats? If so, what?

This question kind of made me giggle because I can just see my brother and sister-in-law rolling their eyes as I explain what’s important to us when choosing what to feed Gracen.  Of course, I believe that every parent has the right to make the choices that they feel are best for their children, but this is a loose explanation of our ‘food philosophy’…

When it comes to feeding Grae, we quite possibly could be referred to as tree-huggin’ granola crunchers (yes, we’re those parents).  We do our very best to ensure that she eats nutritious, whole foods and balanced meals.  We try to avoid added sugar and added salt at all costs and choose organic products when we can.

Other than sugar and salt, we try to avoid pre-made and packaged foods that are often filled with preservatives, chemicals, colours, and ingredients that are hard to pronounce. We don’t do fast food and although we’ve allowed her to try organic fresh-squeezed juices a couple of times, we don’t normally do juice either (she’s not a fan, which makes this very easy).

On the topic of treats… Yes, Gracen certainly gets them! But here’s the thing… The word ‘treat’ is very subjective and can mean different things to different families.  It’s all about what you know well and eat regularly.  For Grae, treats include no-sugar-added dried fruit, freeze-dried fruit, healthy homemade popsicles, two ingredient ice cream, crackers, homemade muffins, no-sugar added fruit leather, blueberry milk (her regular milk with frozen blueberries blended in), and anything else that is sort of out of the ordinary.  While other kids may not consider these things treats, Gracen does because they are things she only has once and a while.

I hope that covers the question!  Now onto the food…

IMG 6694

Breakfast // Zucchini fritter. Okanagan cherries. Banana almond oatmeal smoothie (with added chia).

IMG 6718

Breakfast // Pumpkin pie steel cut oats with plain organic yogurt and crushed pecans.

IMG 6920

Breakfast // Toasted wholewheat fruit and nut bread with all-natural peanut butter.  Red plum slices.

IMG 7074

Breakfast // Banana walnut steel cut oats with organic whole milk.

IMG 6904

Snack // Crispy asiago edamame beans.

IMG 7042

Snack // Garden mint (yes, she eats it on its own – weirdo). Garden strawberries.

IMG 7060

Snack // Berry yogurt popsicle.

IMG 7073

Snack // Red plum slices.

IMG 6643

Lunch // Chicken enchilada. Refried beans. Avocado salad.

IMG 6719

Lunch // Egg salad on omega sprouted grain bread. Veggie almond Israeli couscous salad. Fruit salad with lime mint dressing.

IMG 6910

Lunch // Organic veggie pasta with roasted red pepper sauce and freshly grated asiago. Crispy asiago edamame.

IMG 6661

{A random} Lunch // Edamame beans. Avocado. Mary’s Organic Crackers and jalapeño jack cheese. Blackberries. Mini wholewheat flax pancakes. Walnuts.

IMG 6721

{Picnic} Lunch // Apple curry tuna salad in a wholewheat wrap. Crackers and cheese. Snap peas. Apple and orange slices. Odwalla Superfood Smoothie.

IMG 6650

Dinner // Herb encrusted chicken breast. Wholewheat gnocchi with roasted red pepper sauce. Stewed garlic spinach.

IMG 6692

Dinner {on a very hot day} // Quinoa fruit salad with lime mint dressing. Fresh veggies.

IMG 6717

Dinner {on another very hot day} // Veggie almond Israeli couscous salad.

IMG 6919

Dinner // Turkey oat sliders with fresh avocado, onion, garden lettuce, and old cheddar.

IMG 6957

Dinner // Barbecued chicken. Green salad with seeds.  Roasted peppers, potatoes, and onions.

IMG 6651

Dessert // Two ingredient mango ice cream (made using the same technique as regular two ingredient ice cream, but with fresh mango and yogurt).

IMG 7071

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  1. I just did organic pure canned pumpkin, the steel cut oats, some smashed walnuts, and some cinnamon and nutmeg in the slow cooker overnight. It’s not sweet, but you could always add a little maple syrup or brown sugar either in the crock pot or on top in the morning. :)

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