Supergirl Goes to the Park

Today Gracen woke up and wanted me to tie a receiving blanket around her neck.  Of course, Baby couldn’t be left out of the fun, so a small snuggly tied around her neck it was.  I’m not sure what inspired this (maybe the graphic novels Papa’s been reading her while we all snuggle in bed in the mornings?), but today I spent my day with two mini superheroes.  And there was no convincing either of them that capes are ‘at home things’ either… So off to the park we went, me and my two Supergirls.  

I must admit, I’ve seen little girls dressed in princess costumes {and those “dancer”-esque clear plastic heels} at the grocery store and thought to myself ‘My kids won’t where dress-up clothes while out in public‘, but there I was at the park, with not one, but two in costume.  I’m sure some of the other parents and nannies thought we were nuts.  But then again, maybe they know just what it’s like… 

Miss G did take her cape off while on the climbing apparatus and slides (safety first!), but you bet your bottom dollar she put it right back on again afterwards.

IMG 8442
IMG 8431


IMG 8438IMG 8443


2 thoughts on “Supergirl Goes to the Park

  1. I can assure you there wouldn’t be one parent that wouldn’t understand. Just wait until she adamantly tells you she is choosing her outfit and comes out wearing something god-awful… you are just going to have to go along with it too!! :)

    1. Oh, I can just imagine! She’s already very particular about picking out her own outfits and imagine it will only continue this way. My tactic so far is to buy lots of clothing pieces that coordinate well together and to let it go when it doesn’t matter. Luckily, so far she’s still easy to reason with if it’s something really ridiculous (a toque on a summer’s day, a tutu for the sandbox, etc.) and I can only hope it stays that way. Fingers crossed! :)

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