From the Mouth of Grae

While eating her snack at Thursday’s Strong Start class…

Gracen: (while gently patting my shoulder) Sanks (thanks), Mama taking Grae Grae school.


Just after getting into the car the other morning…

Gracen: Grae Grae in seat, Mama drive. Mama seatbelt too.

Mama: Yes, Grae.  Everyone has to wear seatbelts.

Gracen: Safety first! Wear seat belts! Car open doors, Grae Grae no fall out!


While biking up a long hill Friday afternoon…

Gracen: No Mama (*insert loud panting noises here*).  No tired, Mama!  Bike faster!


On the drive to the pool this weekend…

Gracen: Mama and Grae wearing baving (bathing) suits.  Papa wear baving suit?

Mama:  Well, not really.  Papa wears swim shorts.

Gracen: Mama and Grae Grae girls. 

Mama: Yes, we are.

Gracen: Papa boy.  Papa’s different.


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