Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {20}

Wow… It’s been a while… A very loooong while since I put together a Toddler Food post, but here’s hoping they’ll be posted on a weekly basis again. Here’s some of what Miss G has been eating in {semi} recent days…

Toddler Food

IMG 7967Breakfast // All-natural cream cheese on a 4 seed wholewheat bagel thin. Cantaloupe sticks.

IMG 7085Breakfast // Bear toast (multigrain flax bread, all-natural peanut butter, bananas, and raisins).

IMG 7738Breakfast // Plain organic whole milk yogurt with fresh strawberries, blueberries, and sliced almonds.

IMG 7730Breakfast // Baked blueberry banana currant oatmeal with whole organic milk.

IMG 7260Breakfast // Eggs ole. Country-style potatoes. Toasted squirrelly bread.

IMG 7878Breakfast // Shredded organic wheat with walnuts, almonds, strawberries, and blueberries.

IMG 7739Breakfast // Toasted omega seed bread with all-natural cream cheese and strawberry slices.  Raw almonds.

IMG 8149Breakfast // Low-sugar organic cereal with walnuts and frozen blueberries.

IMG 7236Snack // Apple chunks. Wholewheat pita crisps broiled with havarti.

IMG 7330Snack // Nectarine apricot apple sauce.

IMG 7079Lunch // Turkey, rice, spinach tomato soup.

IMG 7120Lunch // Wholewheat pasta with spinach asiago pesto and baby peas.

IMG 7483Lunch // Roasted salmon and mozzarella sandwich.  Veggies and dilly yogurt dip.

IMG 7968Lunch // Greek wholewheat couscous salad with avocado.  Orange slices and grapes.

IMG 7734Lunch // Curried apple tuna on omega seedy bread.  Red peppers and blueberries.

IMG 7124Lunch // Spicy Asian noodle salad with grilled breaded chicken.  Sugar snaps and avocado spears.

IMG 7879Lunch // Organic veggie shells and cheese with tuna, steamed broccoli, and carrots.

IMG 7947Lunch // Greek rice. Steamed broccoli.  Avocado. Chicken souvlaki. Lemon roasted potatoes.

IMG 7809Snacks & Lunch {on the go} // All-natural peanut butter and granny smith sandwich. Fresh strawberries and blueberries.  Sugar snaps. Raw almonds and walnuts. Old cheddar cubes. Red pepper slices.

IMG 8000Lunch // Veggie sandwich on multigrain (cream cheese, cucumber, red onion, red pepper, and avocado).  Watermelon sticks. Gouda cubes.

IMG 7070Dinner // Spicy black bean and chicken rice bowl with avocado and sour cream.

IMG 7360Dinner // Steamed broccoli, beets, and carrots.  Lemon and herb salmon.  Fresh spinach pasta.

IMG 7970Dinner // Chicken souvalki. Pita. Greek salad. Lemon roasted potatoes. Greek rice.

IMG 7862Dinner // Roasted Carrots, onions, and garlic. Wholewheat couscous.  Lemon and herb roasted chicken.

IMG 7451Dinner // All-natural turkey kolbassa.  Cottage cheese perogy with sour cream. Roasted brussel sprouts. Steamed spinach with balsamic and feta.

IMG 8063Dinner // Tempeh and veggie stir fry on brown rice.

IMG 7966Dinner // Wholewheat couscous.  Barbecued chicken and veggie skewer.  Fresh avocado with cilantro dressing.

IMG 7083Dessert// Two ingredient ice cream with a strawberry on top.

IMG 7119Dessert // Two ingredient strawberry creamsicle.

IMG 8103Dessert // Vanilla, peanut butter, and jam ice cream.


10 thoughts on “Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {20}

  1. what a wonderful resource, thanks for posting such great ideas. I have a question, I can only get my picky eater to try each food separately…so she’ll eat plain rice, plain veggies, ect. Any ideas/tips to get her eating ‘proper’ meals?

    Also, does your daughter normally clean her plate? I’m impressed!!

    1. Thank you for the compliment, and you’re very welcome.

      I’m happy to share! As for your picky eater, that’s a hard one! I’ve been lucky enough to always have a very good eater, so I’m definitely no expert! One thing we did was introduce spices/seasonings/herbs right from the get go when we were first introducing solids (not that this tip helps you out now…) So instead of feeding G just carrots, we did carrots and fresh dill… Or bananas and cinnamon, rosemary potatoes, etc… I read something about babies ‘tasting’ the different foods you eat while pregnant while still in the womb, in addition to tasting different flavours while breastfed, so for us, it just made sense to continue along that path instead of introducing her to bland foods and then re-introducing different spices/herbs/seasonings later.

      As far as something you could put into play now, I find that G is always extra enthusiastic about tasting and eating things she’s helped prepare. I don’t know how old your little girl is, but if she was to help make meals and do some of the mixing/stirring/adding ingredients, would she be more open to tasting them afterwards? Or what about if you started really small at first and did something as simple as pasta with peas mixed in to slowly get her used to the idea, and then gradually try more adventurous combinations?

      1. Thank you for the tips! My little one is almost 2 so I think she’d actually really love to help out in the kitchen..I’ll give it a try!

        I’m also expecting again, does your what miss g eats go back to when she was a baby starting solids? If not I’ll probably have some more food questions in abt 7 months lol.

        Thanks again for the suggestions:)

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