Ice Cream & Wagon Rides

This afternoon I attempted my first ever batch of ‘one ingredient ice cream’ (mine is actually 2 ingredient ice cream because I decided to add pure vanilla) while Gracen and Papa put together a new wagon that Manmaw and PopPop had tucked away in their garage…Two Ingredient Ice Cream

IMG 5713IMG 5716The result was a wagon ride with a bowl of ‘ice cream’ and one very happy doodlebug.

4 thoughts on “Ice Cream & Wagon Rides

    1. Annabelle – love that name. So pretty! I’m glad she liked it! Have you tried any variations yet? I took the plain banana ice cream and re-blended it with a few frozen raspberries the other day and Gracen loved it. Adding peanut butter is next on my list. :)

      1. Thank you! No, I haven’t tried any other variations yet, but all of those sound yummy! I also tried the dying rice project you wrote about with Annabelle and she had a blast! You have such clever ideas! I might blog about the rice project and will of course link back to you!! If that’s ok with you of course :)

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