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IMG 6142We’ve been back in swim classes now for a few weeks and Miss G is just loving it.  The classes are upbeat, fun, and filled with songs and play, but teach beginning swimming skills at the same time.  So far, we’ve been practicing most of the same skills we learned last session… Front starfish floats, back starfish floats, wall push offs (front and back), jumping into the water from sitting and standing positions, blowing bubbles, and dipping different parts of our faces in the water.  Last time I wrote about swimming lessons, I mentioned that I was feeling pretty unsure about the upcoming ‘submersion lesson’.  Luckily, when it happened, I felt comfortable with the way it was introduced and Gracen was fine about quickly being dunked under when it was done as part of a fun song.  Ever since, we’ve made sure to practice at least once or twice each time we visit the pool, just so she stays okay with it.  

Today, the first submersion day of this set of classes, Grae opted to go to the teacher (which is huge in itself because Gracen is quite shy and sensitive and our instructor is quite loud and direct) and be passed under the water to me.  Not only did she try it, but she came up smiling, did another really long underwater pass, and then continued to ask to do it again and again long after the instructor had exited the pool.  

I’m so proud of our little fishy and I’m thrilled that she loves being in the water.

4 thoughts on “iPhoneography // Water Baby

    1. Don’t be too nervous – I’m sure she’ll do just fine. I think as long as you’re having fun and making a big deal about how much you’re enjoying it, she’ll probably feel the same way. We have a couple very apprehensive parents in our class, and it seems as though their little ones feed off of that… Plus you can always just drop in during public swimming time and splash and play and blow bubbles until another class is offered. :)

      1. That’s true, I’m probably more nervous than she is ;)

        That’s a good idea! We’ll have to try that out – our community pool is closed but I know there’s an indoor pool around here somewhere! I’ll have to see how much it is.

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