Easily Pleased

IMG 0139One of the {MILLIONS of} things I absolutely adore about Gracen is her enthusiasm and appreciation for little things… Today, while shopping for a few craft supplies, we came across these {$2} foam letters and she could not have been more thrilled that I agreed to let her take them home when she asked.  For the rest of the day, she held them, prepared for bath time, and talked about how she would show Papa when he got home and he would say “Wooooooooow!” During bath time, it was as though she’d won the lottery – “ABCs, Mama! ABCs!  Grae Grae loves ABC toys!” As she carefully placed each one up on the tiles, she attempted naming them with  enthusiastic guesses (as of now, she knows A, G, S, Y, and Z really well) and every once and a while got her ‘squinty Uncle Gary concentration face’ on, looked up at me for assistance, and said “Dis one a hard one?”

Good lord, I love this little lady.

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