Fall Flowers

IMG 0130IMG 0121IMG 0114IMG 0124IMG 0127IMG 0116IMG 0136IMG 0134IMG 0131It may be the first of October, but the flowers in our front gardens would never let you know it.  Today Miss G took some time to sniff her way around our yard and comment on each of the flowers she found – “Dis one soooo beautiful, Mama!”.  

Soaking up the last signs of summer around here…


7 thoughts on “Fall Flowers

    1. I love them too! The best part is that we didn’t plant them, nor do we do anything to take care of them. And yet they keep blossoming! Do they not grow well in your neck of the woods?

      1. No, I think our damp heat turns them to mush. I tried them once on the SC coast but they drooped too much in the heat. Maybe I should have tried planting them in the fall… ?

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