Painting with Cookie Cutters

At one of Gracen’s recent Strong Start classes, Teacher Sonika had a painting station set up that used cookie cutters in place of paintbrushes or fingers.  Gracen really enjoyed dipping the different shaped cookie cutters into the paints and then onto her paper, so today we decided to try the same activity at home.  

IMG 0280Grae chose to use our alphabet cutters, so to have a manageable number of cutters to work with, we picked out just the letters in her name.  We lined the tray of her beautiful easel (a special Christmas present from her Uncle Gary) with foil, mixed up some paint in colours of her choosing, and pulled down some paper for her to stamp.

IMG 0282IMG 0285

IMG 0287She knew exactly what do to, and got to work dipping and stamping her letters right away.

IMG 0292She worked on the bottom half of her art piece for a while, then requested a chair so she could stamp the top half of her paper too.

IMG 0294This is her masterpiece once declared finished.

IMG 0297The other bonus? Clean up was a breeze. I filled a sink full of warm, soapy water, Grae walked each cutter to the kitchen and plopped them in, I crumpled up the foil, and we left the painting on the easel to dry.    

9 thoughts on “Painting with Cookie Cutters

    1. I agree! So simple, but a fun new twist on regular painting. And I agree on the clean up bit! I’m all for getting messy, but an easy to clean up project is great too. :)

  1. My kids would love this and I have some Halloween cookie cutters so we may try this today. Thanks for sharing!

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