A Poppy for Grae: A Remembrance Day Poppy Hack for Kids

Remembrance Day Poppy Hack for Kids | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

I’ve always thought that children should be encouraged to wear poppies just as proudly as adults do come November, but let’s face it – they’re just not that kid-friendly.  The straight pin is just too pokey (and sometimes just downright dangerous), and inevitably, they fall off within a half hour of being put on and get lost.

So while I taught at a school that encouraged all children, including my 2 full classes of Kindergarteners, to wear a poppy on the day of our Remembrance Day assembly, I had to figure out a better way.  Some teachers  wrapped scotch tape around the bottom of the pins, and I briefly experimented with replacing the straight pins with safety pins, but helping 40+ five year olds with either on an already busy day was just too much.  I needed something I could put together in advance and the kids could put on themselves… And that’s when I figured out this simple Remembrance Day poppy hack.

This morning, using my magnet method, I modified a poppy for Gracen to wear throughout the weekend.

IMG 2078

Here’s what you need… A poppy, two small identical magnets (the stronger the better), a tiny embellishment of some sort (sequin, bead, pearl, button, etc.), and some glue (preferably something that will bond well to the slightly plasticky back side of the poppy… Hot glue can be used in a pinch, but a good craft glue will adhere better).

IMG 2079

First, take apart the poppy.

IMG 2084

Then, using just a tiny bit of glue, stick your embellishment onto the black centre piece of the flower.

IMG 2088

Now, using a tad bit more glue, glue the black centre onto the main part of the poppy.

IMG 2090

Depending on the type of glue you’re using, you may have to let the front side of the flower dry before flipping it over.  Once it’s dry, adhere one of your magnets onto the backside of the poppy with a generous amount of glue and allow it to dry completely.

IMG 2096

IMG 2098

When your little one is ready to wear the poppy, simply slide the second magnet  inside their shirt and place the flower on top. (Attaching the poppy to a shirt pocket or collar works well too.)

IMG 2110

If your magnets are of good quality, the poppy should stay securely attached to your little one’s jacket without a problem also.

IMG 2099

Of course this method is not suitable for young children who still put random objects in their mouths, but it’s perfect for older children and those who are completely done with the mouth stage.  As with all toys and accessories, supervision is key.

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11 thoughts on “A Poppy for Grae: A Remembrance Day Poppy Hack for Kids

  1. Jennifer what a great idea!! You should forward this to the Royal Canadian Legion, at the very least to schools. Amazing!!!

  2. I think stickers are the way to go. By the way, those little magnets can be dangerous for kids if swallowed, so do not use with kids as sometimes they end up in the mouth.

    1. Only seen them before remembrance day in grocery stores, malls and large retail locations. Usually at either customer service or as you are walking in, veterans are set up.

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