Simple Paper Chain

IMG 3080This evening, Miss G and I put together something I loved making as a child… a simple paper chain.  We started with some paper scraps I had left over from a Christmas bunting and used a paper cutter to trim them into neat strips.

IMG 3087Miss G then chose her “special starting paper”, loaded one end with several swipes of a glue stick… 

IMG 3082And I helped her roll it up and she pinched it tightly while counting to ten.

IMG 3084IMG 3085Together, we added ring after ring…

IMG 3089Until we had this sweet little holiday-themed paper chain.  I’m not sure what we’ll do with it yet… In my classrooms, I’ve always used them as a countdown tracker of sorts, snipping off one link until the big day, but I’m not sure that Grae is going to want to cut apart the creation she’s so proud of.  It may just be a sweet little addition to the holiday decor we’ve slowly been adding around our house.

2 thoughts on “Simple Paper Chain

  1. I can’t get over how weird it is that this came to my inbox 7 days late! Now it’s going to seem like I copied you hahaha, but I totally would have thrown credit your way if I had seen this prior to doing ours (I put up my post on Dec 5 but didn’t get this in my inbox until Dec 7). We also did the felt Christmas Tree at the same time! We must be on the same holiday wavelength :D

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