A First: Snowman Building

Those of you who know Vancouver, know that snow around these parts is a rarity.  It barely makes an appearance, and when it does, it’s for a very brief amount of time.  Before long, it begins to melt and the city is a slushy rainy mess in no time.  This time around, however, we were lucky enough to hang onto much of yesterday’s snow, plus get a fresh batch early this morning.  To make the most of it, this Grae and I spent the morning outside playing, walking, and sledding in it, plus we shovelled our walkway and sidewalk, as well as those of the neighbours on either side of us. 

This evening, after picking up Papa from work, we decided to stay out and enjoy it just a little longer… This time by making Miss G’s first ever snowmen.  

IMG 3711Meet Tess.  A mama snowman (snowlady?) who is 2 years old.

IMG 3712Gracen loves her so.

IMG 3714And despite how it may appear, this is a kiss and not a nose nibble.

IMG 3716Tess’ plastic hat just wasn’t working for her.  Time to switch it up.  This one has Grae’s stamp of approval.

IMG 3717Meet Yess.  Mama’s baby boy snowman who is 1 year old.

IMG 3719I’d say she had a great first snowman experience…  Now what to tell her when her beloved Tess and Yess begin melting away…


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2 thoughts on “A First: Snowman Building

  1. even though we get tons of snow in the prairies here for the most part, I haven’t been making snowmans for EVER… can’t wait till baby mila is old enough to start this tradition all over again. :)

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