iPhoneography // Baba’s House

We’ve had such a lovely time at my Baba and Opa’s house the last couple of days…  Besides being a wonderful host, amazing cook, and very talented painter (giving us wall after wall of art to gaze at), she’s so, so great with Grae.  I swear she still has all of the patience, motivation, and creativity she did when my brother and I used to stay with her as kids, if not more.  She’s read books, played memory, fashioned doll clothes from scarves, crafted mini snow ladies from styrofoam and toothpicks, and served all of Grae’s drinks in fancy teacups and glass goblets since arriving a couple of days ago. She’s also given Grae full permission to roam and the four levels of their giant house as she pleases and swears “There’s nothing she can break.  And if she does break something, then great.  It’s one less thing I have to clean.”

IMG 8542Baba s HouseGracen absolutely adores her, and so do we.

Love you, Baba!

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