Animal Sink Bath

IMG 4828Since returning home from a long vacation 2 weeks ago, playing independently has been  a lot more difficult for Grae.  Instead of playing on her own, she wants to be right beside Mama {if not right on top of me} all. of. the. time.  When I explain that I need a little bit of personal space to get something done or encourage her to play, she responds with, “But Mama is the best…” or “But I just want to watch what you’re doing” or “But I LOOOOVE you!”  Oy.  It’s not easy.  

The one time she seems to be happy to play on her own right now is while I make dinner (thank goodness for that).  She often does puzzles, reads, or plays dress up, but tonight she set up one of her long time favourite games…  A sink bath for her animal friends.  She pulls up a stool, collects her sea creatures (sometimes it’s a baby or rubber ducks), and grabs a wash cloth while I fill up the sink with warm water, get out a squirt bottle or a sponge, and retrieve some soap or a little chunk of FUN.  Together we add a drop or two of food colouring to the water, and that’s it.  She plays and splashes and washes her animals in there for a good long time, and by the time she’s done, I usually have dinner on the table.  

A sink full of water… Who knew?  Works like magic every time.


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8 thoughts on “Animal Sink Bath

    1. Goodness gracious, Jess. It’s exhausting after a while, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I adoooooore cuddles and being close to my little lady, but having a few minutes here or there is nice. I really hope this works for you guys! Let me know how it goes. :)

  1. My son was VERY active when he was little. Sinks were his best friend. He played in the kitchen sink every day when I worked in there, played in the rest room sink at the restaurant instead of dancing on the table or poking his siblings, and stirred up shampoo or anything else he could find in the toilet or bathroom sink – I had to hang Christmas bells on the bathroom door all year round so I’d know when he went in there! The teacher learned to keep an eye on how long he was in the bathroom at school, too. . .

    1. It’s amazing how theraputic and calming water can be isn’t it? When we’re having an ‘off’ day, one of two things can get us back on track… Fresh air or water!

      The bells on the bathroom door are brilliant by the way! :)

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