Playing Hookie

This morning as we were having our usual wake up cuddle in the ‘big bed’, Grae poked her head through the curtains, turned to me with big eyes, and exclaimed, “Mama, it’s a SUNNY day today!” Then she immediately asked to go to the beach.  I explained that it was Thursday morning, which is our usual Strong Start day, then let her know that she could make the decision.  She thought about it a moment and said, “Mama, we go to the beach instead of school.  We walk…. We play… We see birdies… We see the ocean… aaaaaand… we get hot drinks!”  So the beach it was.  

IMG 5250IMG 5247IMG 5256IMG 5258IMG 5264IMG 5271IMG 5272Some days are just too beautiful to spend indoors, even if it is at school… (Shhh… Don’t tell.)


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7 thoughts on “Playing Hookie

  1. Yes.
    My parents used to give me 1 day a year to be able to have it off school whenever I wanted. I loved knowing I c I uld ue it whenever I needed an alternate day to school.

    Btw, what is a strong start day?

    1. That’s such a cute idea, Naomi! Everyone needs a day off once and a while. ;)

      Strong Start is a program offered by our province… It takes place at schools and is for kids 0 – 5 years old – lots of free play, stories, snack, and songs. :)

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