Sunday Adventures

IMG 6222IMG 6224IMG 6227IMG 6226IMG 6229Something I absolutely love doing on weekends is going on little family adventures.  Driving to a part of the city we don’t frequent often, parking the car, and exploring.  Add in a sunny gorgeous day after a long run of rainy ones, and it’s that much better.

Today, we made our way to the Dunbar area, an old university stomping ground of both Brad and I.  We parked the vehicle, toured a toy store, and found the nearest playground.  Afterwards, we walked along, Miss G stopping at each bus stop, sitting on each park bench, and hanging on each bike rack {because these are all very important things when you’re 2}.  We eventually made our way to somewhere I’ve had on my ‘to visit’ list for a very long time now… Kokopeli Cafe.  Well-known for being family-friendly, the place was absolutely packed with munchkins and their parents.  So packed in fact, that we actually couldn’t get a table – inside or out – for quite a while.  We’ll definitely be back to experience it at a quieter time, but I can already tell that it will become a rainy day favourite.  We just had drinks this time around, but the baked goods looked amazing, I was envious of our table neighbours’ lunches, and the kids play area was the biggest I’ve seen in a cafe in Vancouver.  Oh – and the bathrooms have special toddler-sized sinks, they sell world’s yummiest granola, and there’s a 25 cent ridable alligator out front.  Can’t ask for much more than that, can you?

Here’s to Sunday adventures.


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