Sparkly Foam Sensory Tray

Sparkly Foam Sensory TrayDo you ever set up an activity that you think will be a total hit and it just kind of flops?  Or if it doesn’t flop, it just doesn’t take off the way you thought it would?  That was the case with this sensory tray.

IMG 6230After a Sunday morning adventure and a good afternoon nap, we decided to hit the backyard.  Brad and I wanted to get some yard work done, so I decided to set up a sensory station for Grae to explore in between searching for rocks, running around, and helping with the yard work.

IMG 6231I kept it very simple and  filled a tray with raspberry-scented shaving foam, sprinkled glitter on top of it, and set out a warm bucket of water with a hand towel.

IMG 6234Grae dove in.

IMG 6235She definitely had fun mixing up the different colours of glitter and squishing the foam between her fingers…

IMG 6241And she even thought it was funny that it stuck to her hands at first, but after a while, the fact that she couldn’t properly clean the foam off of her hands and arms, even with the bucket of water and towel, started to bother her.

IMG 6238She decided to gather some sandbox tools and played for a while longer, but the activity never really took off the way I thought it would.  In the end, there was a giant tray of semi-played with foam just left there and she was done.

IMG 6244If anything, this was a great way to get messy. ☺

I guess all activities can’t be a total hit, can they?


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4 thoughts on “Sparkly Foam Sensory Tray

  1. Totally random and silly question, but I see pictures of Gracen having what looks like a hot/warm drink at the cafes that you frequent. I would love to get my daughter a special treat when out at a cafe, but worried the hot drinks will be too hot (she is only 17 months). Do you ask for it to be not so hot when you order or wait for a hot drink to cool?

    1. Not a silly question! At bigger chain sort of cafes, we order a ‘kids steamed milk’… They’re really small, made of just plain milk, and made to be only warm, not hot. At smaller locally-owned cafes that don’t necessarily have a kid options, we just order the smallest size of plain steamed milk and ask for it to be done to a kids temperature. :)

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