Thank You for Being My Teacher Printable

Thank you for being my teacher Printable | Mama Papa Bubba

Oh my land…  We’re officially into the last week of school and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  Miss G had another absolutely fantastic teacher this year and for that, I’m incredibly grateful.  In our experience, the teacher really does make {or break} the school year, and her teacher this year, Ms. Graber, certainly made her {our!!} year a positive, happy one.  Despite being new to the school this year, Grae made loads of friends, was happy to go to school each day, and got to take part in all kinds of really cool process-based, collaborative, and creative projects.

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While we’re still working on putting together her end of year gift {we’re doing a rest & relaxation kit filled with products that are either local or handmade by Miss G}, Grae’s had this sweet little thank-you-for-being-my-teacher printable ready to go for weeks now and I just think it’s so simple and sweet.   I’m not sure if we’ll frame it or laminate it just yet, but either way, it’ll go with the rest & relaxation kit we’re putting together and will hopefully make the finished gift a little more personal.

To download and print our thank-you-for-being-my-teacher printable, pop over to our Personalized ‘Thank You For Being My Teacher’ Printable To Go With Your Teacher Gift post on CBC Parents!

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And if your school principal is leaving like ours is {don’t even get me started – I don’t think I’ve fully accepted it just yet}, check out this  ‘Thank You for Being My Principal’ printable Miss G has also been working on.

Thank You For Being My Teacher Printable Gift | Mama Papa Bubba

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  1. So you work as a teacher? How old are you kids now? Please tell me, is it difficult to find a teaching jobs right now? I lost my post due to coronavirus and look for the new one now.

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