So, on Sunday evening I had a bit of an unfortunate {and awkward and embarrassing} incident with a set of stairs and a poorly placed tee ball bat.  The end result (other than me laying face down on the front lawn in agony as neighbours were out for their evening strolls?) was a very sore swollen foot and crutches I’m terrible at using.  Not good when you’ve got a busy little lady that’s used to go-go-go-ing.

IMG 6304

IMG 6301

IMG 6314

IMG 6313

IMG 6310

IMG 6309

A perk to being the lame mom who has to sit and watch on the sidelines during our usual parent and tot ballet class however?  Being able to snap a few photos of our little ballerina in action.

She’s sweet, isn’t she?

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5 thoughts on “Ballet Day

    1. I didn’t go for an x-ray, but we’re pretty sure it was just a really bad twist/sprain. The swelling really came down yesterday and my foot is now all purple and blue with bruises, so I think I’m well on my way to healing. Thanks for asking! :)

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